Heide Lounge - the new wellness and sauna oasis in the ‚Luneburg heath’

Sauna, wellness, salt – the new concept for relaxation in the Landhotel Schnuck in Schneverdingen in the Luneburg Heath

Freshly and new renovated our Heidelounge welcomes you with three different and individually built generous sauna: one finnish sauna with 80°, one Bio-sauna with 45° and one block-house sauna with 90° including a mill-wheel. Afterwards take a shower in special douches where the wall is made from birch wood or cool down your feet in a wooden tub.

Relaxation can be granted in the special area with a salina and a unique fragrance.

Our octagonal pool with 30° water temperature has a unit for reverse flow and completes the wellness area with sun-chairs in the garden and a reflexology on the way to the sauna outside.

Lots of additional offers for delightful wellness are in our portfolio so relax and have yourself pampered with massages and beauty in our spa center.

We are looking forward to see you!
Your Landhotel Schnuck Team.

Unsere Öffnungszeiten

Sonntag bis Donnerstag

07:00 bis 12:00 Uhr - Pool

16:00 bis 22:00 Uhr - Pool und Saunalandschaft (auch textilfrei nutzbar)


Freitag und Samstag

07:00 bis 12:00 Uhr - Pool

16:00 bis 22:00 Uhr - Pool und Saunalandschaft (auch textilfrei nutzbar)

(Oktober bis März von 14:00 bis 22:00 Uhr nur Finnische Sauna; ab 16: Uhr - zusätzlich Bio-Salz-Sauna und Blockhaussauna)



18,50 € für externe Besucher

5,00 € für Hotelgäste


Die Nutzung der Wellnesslandschaft "Heide Lounge" ist bei Buchung unserer Arrangements kostenfrei!
Bitte haben Sie Verständnis dafür, dass Kinder und Jugendlichen den Saunabereich ab 16 Jahren nur in Begleitung eines Erziehungsberechtigten nutzen dürfen.

"Nolte Kosmetik" im Landhotel Schnuck

Werfen Sie schon jetzt einen Blick auf den Angebotsflyer von Nolte Kosmetik im Landhotel Schnuck, 
lassen Sie sich von den angebotenen Leistungen inspirieren und vereinbaren Sie im Voraus, telefonisch
oder per E-Mail, einen Termin:

› Telefonische Terminvereinbarung unter 01523 - 8068448
› oder per E-Mail unter info@nolte-kosmetik.de


Pool inside

Relaxation is guaranteed in our warm pool with 30° and a unit for reverse flow.

Sauna finnish 80°

Enjoy the view into our garden through the picture-window when staying in this sauna made from local oak and painted with honey-coloured oil . Once in an hour a special extraction with herbs is atomized into this sauna via a control system.

Bio-sauna 45°

Our little sauna with salt crystals at the wall and made from precious obeche-wood invites you to stay for a longer time due to the low temperature and high humidity.

Blockhouse with a mill-wheel 90°

Consciously kept rustically this sauna has a weather boarding from local wood, an external wall made from old bricks obtained by an old brickyard in Schneverdingen and additionally a mill-wheel offering an extraction once an hour. A nice and friendly ambience is granted through the picture-window.

Heat bench and special tubs

Please take a seat at our heat bench and cool down your feet in original tubs for KNEIPP water-treading basin.

Relaxing area

Salt, meadow and birch wood gained from the ‘Luneburg heather’ sums up in three times fragrances for your senses. Relaxation is granted in our special area welcoming you with comfortable couches and cuddly blankets equipped with a unique smelling arrangement of special flowers at the wall.

Sauna garden

Our little garden which is situated beyond the sauna has a nice sun-terrace with 50 m² and you will find comfortable relax couches, a tub douche and a rain-forest-douche. Additionally your feet can be trained by reflexology in our gravel bed.

‘Kaiser’ tub and wellness

Special wellness treatments, i.e. hot stone or a bath in the special ‘Kaiser’ tub with crystal salt can be offered. Enjoy it alone or in pairs – as you prefer.

360° Rundgang durch die Heide-Lounge